Business Review: The Witch’s Brew

Ah yes, another coffee shop in Burque. So of course, I checked it out.

Artwork on the walls, limitless coffee, free pool, boardgames, gender neutral bathrooms, open mic nights, spoken word, live performance, two miles from UNM campus– the premise of a cool, hip cafe, but it has a long road ahead.

Sadly, it is very much still in the baby steps of businesses. While there, the managers discussed with the health department some standards and specifications they needed before the next visit.

That aside, the waitstaff was horrendous. Sweet people, but terrible unsure of what they were doing. And, apparently if you know them, you’re allowed behind the counter to help yourself. Yikes. I probably saw at least ten people go behind the counter over the four hours I was there.

The ambiance was relatively nice aside from the hundred flies that swarmed our table. The food was almost good: stale, crunch croissants, moldy fruit and burnt papas. It all seemed delicious on the menu, but that is probably where it should have stayed.


The building was a restaurant, The Blue Dragon, but closed down seven years ago. It fell prey to a storage unit for the landlord, until Mid June, the cafe opened. It still even has the reminiscent smell of ‘things’.

As always, I will give a business another shot before I call it a doozy, but I will give them a few months before I head back. This way the shop will have settled in, hopefully.

The Witch’s Brew is located on 1517 Girard Blvd, Albuquerque, NM

Open: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily


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