A Thought On Human Emotion

The word ’emotion’ is often synonymous with gender  or weakness in effort to project the misunderstood self-doubt we all posses.

And yet, it is foundational in our existence and evolution as a species.

The fragility of the human emotion is made unique by the way we protect it. We mask it with chivalry, bravery–we disconnect ourselves from what it is to be human in effort to preserve ourselves.

PC: Diana Cervantes

We are convinced that emotional expressions constitute as weakness– a flawed idea fabricated by the insecure.

To know and understand the capacity of your own emotion empowers you. It is a place where the intellect reigns strong.

The fragility of the human
emotion is made unique
by the way we protect it.

Anymore, we are afraid of articulating how we really feel in effort to put off an air of sophistication. Unfortunately, the reality exists such that the case is miscommunication and frustration.

We are complicating simplicity. 

Developed relationships hold a profound sense of trust that propel them into deeper level of connection.

I find myself, more often than not, amidst relationships, intimate or not, that lack the investment necessary for a promising continuity. It has become commonplace to produce a facade that is impenetrable. But this effectively disjoints us in such a way we no longer know how to feel without being afraid of derision.

It has become commonplace to
produce a facade that is impenetrable.

I am always astonished to find how ready people are to throw away a relationship of time. This is with the understanding that unhealthy, abusive relationships are an outlier. It’s like, all the time invested doesn’t mean anything to them.

Why this happens, I cannot say.

Perhaps being alone isn’t as terrifying as it sounds, and equally so, perhaps immersing oneself around the people they care about, isn’t so horrifying after all.

This is not a cry for heighten emotional interactions, but merely a posit of ideas where sentiments can be expressed without the fear of being ridiculed. Where we spend more time working out the jumble of feelings tangled in our mind instead or harboring them dangerously.

Maybe if we stopped trying to mask our emotions, we might have a better grip on who we are and who we want to be–to better understand our potential and subsequently capitalize on that. Not just for ourselves, but for the people around us. If we can appreciate ourselves, we might know better how to appreciate the people around us.



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