On a Tank of Gas: Mining for Ghosts and Camping Under the Stars

This article first on March 14, 2017 in The ABQ Free Press Enjoy the treasures of central New Mexico Vastness is commonplace in central New Mexico, a land full of ghost towns, mountain ranges and wildlife refuges. If you’re after a weekend away from people, this is the place to go. The distance from civilization … More On a Tank of Gas: Mining for Ghosts and Camping Under the Stars

The Sunset of Time

What is it that makes you tick and what is it that makes me talk? We work so well together– a balance of time slipper away and hours unwatched. We contemplate our past and our future, hoping … Source: The Sunset of Time

Salty Nights

The light dances across the floor–abstractly in ways more various than the thoughts crossing my mind. Constantly changing, morphing, colliding into the next. Where does it end? The sporadic c… Source: Salty Nights

Musings of A Imaginist

Is it the light, or is it the shadows? the contrast of daily life and my imagination somewhere in the middle–that’s where i end up. I’ve visited more fictitious places than real ones sometimes. I get so carried away with an idea, reality doesn’t seem entertaining anymore. If I close my eyes long enough, I can … More Musings of A Imaginist