Two Word Poems

Nothing original here, simply some fun poems between two people. The idea starts with two words, then the next person writes two and so on. This goes on until one person calls fin. The inspiration? Well, who knows where it actually comes from, but it is often found around warm cups of coffee and splendid company.


Poems by M and V

Green Journal_2words

I love
to go
Where I
can find
something lost
and take
back what
I never
thought was
mine before

Why did
this go
the wrong
way when
you told
them your
passion couldn’t
be tamed?

I dream 
of space
the quiet
unending expanse
with darkness
untamed and
stars unnamed
it reminds
me to
look beyond
this bubble
and see 
without limit

Into the
bright abyss
I throw
my worth
knowing now
the burden
of riches
is too
easily found
in life



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